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ProQuest® Congressional
Basic Subscription

ProQuest Congressional basic subscription provides access to the following sources:

  • Index and abstracts for congressional committee documents, prints, reports and published hearings, 1970-present
  • Legislative histories, 1969-present
  • Committee hearings selected transcripts and full-text statements, 1988-present
  • Committee prints selected full text, 1993-2004
  • Committee reports full text, 1990-present
  • House and Senate documents (electronic versions) full text, 1995-present
  • GAO report abstracts and PDFs, 2004-present
  • Congressional Record daily edition, 1985-present
  • Bill texts and tracking, 1989-present
  • Public law texts, 1988-present
  • U.S. Code
  • Code of Federal Regulations, 1981-present
  • Federal Register, 1980-present
  • Campaign finance data, 1987-present
  • Key votes data, 1987-present
  • Member financial disclosures, profiles, and voting records
  • Political news, including The Hill, 1995-present; Washington Post section A news, 1977-present; and Roll Call, 1989-present
  • Hot Bills & Hot Topics
  • Committee rosters and schedules