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ProQuest® Congressional
Congressional Historical Indexes, 1789-1984

(ProQuest Congressional optional add-on module)

Search CIS historical indexes online to find bibliographic information on published and unpublished materials. The online indexes to unpublished hearings are updated on a biennial basis as archived unpublished materials are released by the National Archives. Senate hearings generally remain closed for 20 years and House hearings remain closed for 30 years. Hearings that contain classified or sensitive material generally remain closed for 50 years.

Historical indexes include:

  • CIS U.S. Serial Set Index (1789-1969)
  • CIS U.S. Congressional Hearings Index (1834-1969)
  • CIS Unpublished House Committee Hearings Index (1833-1972)
  • CIS Unpublished Senate Committee Hearings Index (1824-1984)
  • CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Prints Index (1830-1969)
  • CIS U.S. Senate Executive Documents & Reports Index (1817-1969)

Features include:

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Subject indexing
  • Targeted result metadata search capability
  • Single search across all Congresses
  • Search alone or in conjunction with basic subscription and/or other optional module data
  • Fielded search options, including search by subject, title, witness, committee name, bill or public law number, publication number, SuDoc number, and CIS accession number
  • Extensive searchable Help text providing both how-to-search tips and background on congressional information
  • Easy-to-use index term look-up tool

Institutions with access to ProQuest Congressional optional digital modules will access the enhanced digital version of records to which they have access, rather than the index-only version.