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ProQuest® Congressional

No other database, web-based or otherwise, covers congressional information as comprehensively as the ProQuest Congressional service. Controlled vocabulary indexing, indicative abstracts, and detailed bibliographic data make searching easy. Researchers can access the full text of congressional publications and legislation, as well as a wide variety of information about Congress, including member biographical and committee assignment information, voting records, and financial data.

Use ProQuest Congressional to perform in-depth legislative history research; see how congressional attitudes have evolved over time; and locate information on critical topics that are simply not dealt with by other, less substantive databases. ProQuest Congressional provides:

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Controlled vocabulary indexing
  • Targeted result metadata search capability
  • Full-text search with relevancy ranking
  • Single search across all Congresses for hearings, prints, reports, and documents
  • Fielded search options, including search by subject, title, witness, committee name, bill or public law number, publication number, SuDoc number, and CIS accession number
  • Extensive searchable Help text providing both how-to-search tips and background on congressional information
  • Easy-to-use index term look-up tool
  • Ability to seamlessly add optional modules with additional content and functionality

Digital Product Commitment

ProQuest is committed to maintaining in perpetuity the digital versions of the government publications offered in the digital modules available as stand-alone products or optional additions to the ProQuest Congressional basic subscription.