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ProQuest® Congressional Research Digital Collection

Gain a comprehensive perspective on U.S. policymaking history with ProQuest Congressional Research Digital Collection (CRDC).

By combining CRS reports (from 1916 to present) and Committee Prints (from 1830 to present) into one product, ProQuest gives users a comprehensive view of congressional action and the behind-the-scenes activity involved in crafting U.S. legislation. The ProQuest Congressional Research Digital Collection allows users to consider policy decisions from the last 175 years with a more complete perspective, giving their research more contextual relevance.

This powerful congressional research tool provides access to many documents that are in the public domain, but until now were difficult and time-consuming to obtain. Powerful search features include:
  • Controlled vocabulary indexing
  • Search CRS reports only, Committee Prints only, or both
  • PDF images of original documents
  • Full-text search
  • Search using indexed fields such as date, Congress, and legislative numbers
  • The power to search and retrieve within this and other congressional collections through the new ProQuest® Congressional interface

Get "An Insiders View of the ProQuest Congressional Research Digital Collection (CRDC): Committee Prints and CRS Reports." This whitepaper, authored by Andrea Sevetson, former documents librarian at University of California, Berkeley and 1996-97 GODORT Chair, provides a highly readable overview of what CRS reports and Committee Prints are and who are the most likely users.