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ProQuest® Legislative Insight

ProQuest Legislative Insight provides updated versions of all histories currently available through ProQuest® Congressional. All histories are compiled and indexed individually by skilled researchers following a research standard that goes back to the date of last enactment. Users will be able to access the full-text documents from the history compilation page or from individual metadata records. Legislative Insight A & B fit togetherówith no overlap in coverage even though the date range may overlap
Legislative Insight Part A, 1929-2012:
  • 18,000+ histories
  • Major Laws 1929-2012*
Legislative Insight Part B, 1789-1960, focusing on laws enacted prior to 1929, with data being added continuously:
  • 9,000 brand new histories
  • Major Laws 1789-1928*
  • Other laws from 1789-1928 identified by researchers, customers, or other sources as important
  • Additional laws 1929-1962 not included in Legislative Insight Part A
* Major laws identified in CRS report Major Acts of Congress and Treaties Approved by the Senate, 1789-1980
New laws from 2013-forward are also available, with special pricing available for customers who already subscribe to the Congressional basic subscription or who purchase individual ProQuest Congressional digital modules from 2013-forward.