United States, Canada (English)

ProQuestฎ Legislative Insight

Legislative Insight offers a powerful functionality combined with updated controlled vocabulary subject indexing.
Content includes:
• Complete legislative history records citing and linking to all relevant congressional documentation
• Full-text searchable PDFs of hearings, prints, reports, and documents associated with each history
• Full-text searchable PDFs of laws and all versions of bills associated with each law
• Full-text searchable PDFs of  Congressional Record (bound or daily version as appropriate) excerpts referencing cited bills
• Full-text searchable PDFs of CRS reports and other background materials
• Full-text searchable PDFs of Presidential signing statements
• Historical Context information for each Congress to help students understand what was going on in the U.S. when a law was enacted
Functionality and Features include:
• Sort history citation pages chronologically or by publication type
• View individual legislative histories in conjunction with legislative process chart
• Track searches and save research notes
• E-mail search results and download fully searchable PDFs
• Popular Names of Laws Look-Up Table
• Identification of specific versions of bills associated with each law
• Easy access to all versions of a bill in cases where all versions are not related to the law
• Quick Search form offering type-ahead feature
• Search filters based on controlled vocabulary indexing and area of practice
• Guided and Search by Number forms
• Legislative history research help text