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ProQuest® Legislative Insight
Why Legislative Insight?

ProQuest Legislative Insight brings together full text PDFs from our digital suite collections, new PDFs created from our Bills, Resolutions, and Laws microfiche collection, PDFs of Presidential Signing Statements, and our in-depth knowledge of the legislative history research process acquired during the creation of CIS Legislatives Histories (1984-to date). New functionality will enable both novice and sophisticated researchers to easily access full text content and work with it.
  • Legal scholars will find this collection invaluable as they’ll be able to research legislative intent or a single law of topic for a book or a law review article. 
  • Graduate students will find content in variety of fields and will be able to understand the nuances of laws impacting their chosen areas of study.  
  • Undergraduate students will be able understand the opposing views expressed in the decision making that led up to the enactment of major laws such as the Social Security Act or the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  
  • Librarians and professors will find the legislative process tool invaluable as they explain to students how a law is made 
  • All students will find Legislative Insight useful as they seek to understand their nation’s past so that they can become informed citizens of the future