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Government Information & Primary Source Collections MIGRATION Update – January

ProQuest Congressional, Government Periodicals Index, Legislative Insight, Statistical Insight, History Vault Resources
ProQuest Congressional subscriptions are now exclusively available via ProQuest Congressional and no longer available via LexisNexis servers. Bookmark this page: www.proquest.com/go/congmigration and check back for the latest news.
LexisNexis redirects scheduled to expire on November 30, 2013
If you have not already done so, please bookmark the new URLs to these products. Also, please update any materials where you may have provided these old links from LexisNexis, as the previous links will no longer work beginning on November 30, and you could have broken links.
New links include:

Database usage reports are now available for ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States and for ProQuest Statistical Insight!
A few important details of note:
  • Usage for the Statistical Abstract of the United States is current, starting on August 1, 2013
  • We have both historical and current usage for Statistical Insight:
  • When we launch our newest international statistical products, ProQuest Statistical Abstracts of the World (late August 2013) and ProQuest International Datasets (early October 2013), usage statistics will be available in the ProQuest Administrator Module
To learn more about our newest international statistical products, download the brochure. Check out our LibGuides for all of the latest information on product support, upcoming training webinars, and more!

Search Syntax Modifications
  • To provide more focused results and remind users of the quoted search function, the type-ahead feature now places the pasted text in quotes for an exact search.
  • In response to customer feedback, ProQuest has implemented the following Boolean connector modifications:
    • Default keyword search connection now uses an implied AND.
      • The search Iran Iraq will be seen by the system as Iran AND Iraq
    • Boolean connectors AND, OR, and NOT are now case-insensitive.
      • Iran and Iraq, Iran Iraq, and Iran AND Iraq will now return the same results set
      • Because these Boolean connectors are now case insensitive, lowercase "and", "or", and "not" have been removed from the "stop" or "non-keyword" list. Previously these words were disregarded by the search engine unless used in a quoted exact phrase search.
MARC Records
Shortly after we put our files of MARC records for the Congressional Hearings Digital Collection (CHDC) and Congressional Research Digital Collection (CRDC) with ProQuest pointing URLs instead of LexisNexis pointing URLs on our ftp server, we became aware that the record numbers in the records on the ftp server did not match the record numbers in the CHDC and CRDC records that were in a customer’s catalog. This resulted in numerous instances in which the new record overlaid the incorrect existing record.