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New Resources Celebrate International Year of Statistics
Major statistical associations and research firms from around the world have recognized 2013 as The International Year of Statistics, underscoring the value of statistical science in research, business development, and policy analysis.
Broad and Deep Global Coverage
Both of ProQuest’s new international products compile data from national governments and from international intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), such as the United Nations and European Union. The chief value of IGO data is that it has been normalized to support country-to-country comparisons. However, the IGOs do not collect all types of social and economic statistics. For example, statistics on consumer behavior, commuting patterns, or religious affiliations can be found only in the publications or on the data sites of foreign government statistical agencies. Hence, the value of compiling statistics from both IGOs and national governments: the nature and scope of reference desk questions are unpredictable.
New! ProQuest Statistical Abstracts of the World
Single-search access to aggregated data across countries. Learn more.
New! ProQuest International DataSets
Aggregated datasets from national governments, international organizations, and research firms. Learn more.
ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States 2013
Enhanced access to key government and industry data. Learn more.
ProQuest Statistical Insight
ProQuest Statistical Insight provides fast and easy access to statistical information produced by U.S. Federal agencies, states, private organizations, and major intergovernmental organizations. Depending on an institution’s subscription, a user can search between approximately 200,000 to 500,000 tables with its advanced Search Tables functionality.

Product Overview

ProQuest Statistical Insight not only encompasses a world of statistical information using one common interface, but it takes you directly to the data you need. Instead of relying on the limited capabilities of free-text searching, which is particularly ineffective with the tabular format of statistical data, or wading through large text documents only to find it does NOT have the statistics you need, ProQuest Statistical Insight allows you to go straight to the tables, or to easily find the right publication with the right key tables.