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CIS U.S. Executive Branch Documents (1910-1932)

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CIS Index to Executive Branch Documents, 1910-1932 provides authoritative, reliable access to information on the major events and developments during the period 1910–1932. It consists of seven parts:

  • Treasury Department, Smithsonian Institution, Tariff Commission, Veterans Bureau, Veterans Administration, and Vocational Education Board;
  • Commerce Department;
  • War Department (except the Philippine Islands) and War Trade Board;
  • Interior, Justice, and Labor Departments and Interstate Commerce Commission;
  • Agriculture Department;
  • Navy Department, Library of Congress;
  • State Department, Post Office Department, Pan American Union, Shipping Board, Philippine Government, and other agencies.

The index covers the vast body of material issued by federal departments and agencies, including annual reports, general publications, serials, instructions, rules, circulars, decisions, and registers as identified by the Government Printing Office.