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Yiddish Children's Literature from the YIVO Institute

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This collection of 1,021 titles will be of enormous value to researchers in Jewish and children's literature. Students of Ashkenazic Jews will find material here on folklore, the linguistic development of Yiddish, childhood in Eastern Europe and America, adult attitudes toward children, the effects of war and migration on Jewish community life, ethnic survival, and the immigrant experience.

The collection includes literature from three main geographic areas: Poland, the Soviet Union, and the United States. Polish imprints form the largest segment. Included are the great classical writers; younger masters, such as Kadia Molodowsky, Mani Leib, and Yankev Glatstein; and many works published in series between the world wars by school networks and educational groups. Leib Kvitko, Dvoyre Khorol, and Khaim Mal'tinskii are represented among the Soviet imprints.

An emerging American Yiddish school system supported a variety of publishers in New Yorkafter World War I. The Matones Publishing House, the Workmen's Circle, the Farband Labor Zionist Order, and the International Worker's Order are all extensively represented in YIVO's collections.

The collection has been cataloged by Harvard College Library as an OCLC Major MicroformCollection. A 246-page printed version of the cataloging records will be furnished to purchasers.